Douglas Adams and Stanley Kubrick emerge from their graves

BBC News Magazine discussed the effects on children of the Black Hole scare and the 'end of the world' hoo-har.

Educational psychologist Alex Griffiths, advising parents on how to assuage their child's angst during the closing moments of the universe's existence, compounded by anger at the possible waste of public funds, is quoted thus:

"Experimentation is a good thing."

I'm with him on that point. Experimentation keeps children occupied during science lessons. Experimentation is the only way I can find out how to do something on my computer when the 'Help' menu doesn't and the technicians are too busy. Experimentation is how the Wright Brothers got to fly. Experimentation is how people 'discover themselves' (I experiment and I suggest you do, too).

Experimentation is A Good Thing.

The educational psychologist continues, and I don't care if the Beeb 'phoned him while he was sleeping or took his words out of context:

"Government and scientists are not going to spend large amounts of money on something that could harm us. Lots of thought will have gone into it and what is likely to come out of it."

Cleaners keeping a cheap, harmless nuclear bomb spic and span.

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