Questions I dare not ask

A boy called Mekon warned the class today 'I tell you man, I will shoe anyone who sells me some lame goods, man'.

I'm unsure whether 'to shoe' a trader selling shoddy mechandise is a milder version of 'putting the boot in' or a reference to legal action, but aside from clarifying this, I do have to ask myself how Mekon came to share his name with an alien in a 1950s British comic.

Were his parents aware of the name's connotation in pop-culture?

Or did the writers of the Dan Dare stories choose the name 'Mekon' from a random foreign book, liking the sound of it and not expecting there would ever be real, live Mekons resident in the UK?

Or is it pure co-incidence?

At least I will have these questions to raise at parents' evening if conversation dries up.

Looking at my class list for this afternoon I see I'm also teaching Dalek and Klingon.* Still, I imagine there are comics and books in distant lands with aliens called Mr Socks, John, and so on.

*Made this bit up.

1 comment:

This Brazen Teacher said...

This blog is loooo-vely.

How did you find me classroom? Via Rev? I noticed him on both of our "rolls."

And YES your inquiry into my state of residence is correct... so I must ask you politely to take it off your blogroll (to protect the brazen identity of course.) While it's blatantly on my blog for all to see- I like fooling myself into believing I'm hidden from the prodding eyes of my school district.

ha. :-)

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