Wholesome Socks goes 'Walkabout'

Harper Collins was grossly irresponsible to print a book aimed at girls and suggesting the fairer sex could learn to play the didgeridoo.

How could the writers not have realised that a girl can expect, at the least, to become infertile if she is so foolhardy as to even touch a didgeridoo?

Obviously traditional Aboriginal beliefs are the only reliable guide to survival in the present age, as we all know the so-called ‘evidence’ offered by modern science is shown to be false every single day.

Thank goodness for Dr Mark Rose of the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Indigenous Education, who has alerted the world to the risks posed by the Australian edition of The Daring Book For Girls (well, at least it lived up to its name!)

I understand that the UK edition of this book recommends that adventure-seeking girls can easily stop trains with just one finger.

Because Dr Rose has a PhD we know we can trust what he says, and that such mischievous nonsense must never be printed again.

From now on I shall be telling my female students ONLY to play with razor blades, and possibly to inject drugs, and imploring them to never go anywhere near a didgeridoo, and that if they really MUST blow on something, then they should buy a Dog Annoyer™.

By the way, Dr Rose looks like a combination of Rolf Harris and Richard Griffiths.


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