British women delay flight over Germany

Two drunken fools have tried to open a plane door at 30,000 feet.

I’d like to make two comments.

Firstly, should alcohol be served on flights? It’s a catalyst for trouble and seems to cause bother in the same way as terrorism (albeit to a lesser extent). Terrorism is the reason given for the ban on carrying so much as a tiny screwdriver (for adjusting the screws in glasses) which came from a Christmas cracker (such a screwdriver was confiscated from a friend I was flying with once). Yes, I know most people can drink alcohol without trying to jump out of jets, but so can most people carry a screwdriver or knife without trying to hi-jack the flight.

Following on from the ban on knives, scissors and all such sharp objects, why is it that you can still, after the airport security searches, then buy glass bottles (of booze) in the duty-free shops, which could easily be smashed and used as weapons on a flight? (And a lot more dangerous than the little screwdriver, I would think).

Could the answer be something to do with money?

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