Life, birth and...

It’s an orgy of death over at the BBC News website this evening.

Trainee doctors now have an ultra-realistic ‘dummy patient’ capable of simulating a range of real physical maladies, such as failing blood pressure, heart attacks, and passing wind. A trainer using the dummy told BBC News ‘some of the students are a bit wary when they first meet the simulators because they are so realistic.’ My goodness, so what are these doctors going to be like when they meet a real patient?

At the other end of the life-death process, if one of your ancestors was inconsiderate enough to have themselves buried where someone later wanted to put a building, they can now end up being displayed at the Wellcome Trust. (Seriously, though, I’m fascinated by this sort of thing).

The first video clip made me smile – the osteologist talks about the skeleton as though it were a Crufts winner.

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