Dr Cecile Laborde suggests internet closure

The internet should be closed down for one day each week, to encourage people to participate in valuable activities they may otherwise avoid if they spend too much time online.

This idea was today suggested by Cecile Laborde speaking on the BBC World Service's 'The Forum'.

When pushed to say which day the Internet would be switched off, Dr Laborde pipped for Wednesday, but she clearly wasn't sure. Friday, Saturday and Sunday have all been taken by religions already - so perhaps an 'ordinary' weekday should be chosen.

But I think this leads to another question - what are the days of the week 'for', and what do they really 'mean', if anything? Is there a distinction between weekday and weekend? Maybe there is some group for whom internet use on Wednesdays is critical?

As for the original idea, I'm not convinced but I find it interesting.

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