Dutch Prime Minister now a gnome

The Dutch Prime Minister has been turned into a garden gnome. A Dutch news website reports that Amsterdam student Jitse Schuurmans has made the gnomes of Dutch PM Jan Peter Balkenende (whose appearance has frequently been likened to Harry Potter) and right-wing politician Geert Wilders by way of protest against government policies such as the ban on smoking in pubs.

'The Universal Smoker's Church of God' is a more practical protest against Holland's public smoking ban. The AD newspaper reports that Dutch pub landlords are citing the Holy Trinity of 'smoke, fire and ash' in their newly founded smoker's religion, which they hope will allow them to circumvent the ban.

Perhaps more alarming for Dutch bloggers was the suggestion on the BNR radio station last night (and I hope it isn't true!) that weblogs may in future be required to register with the government. Luckily I haven't been able to find any further reference to the idea.

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