Shopping at Tesco

I went shopping at Tesco. The young man at the check-out started scanning my stuff and looked up at me, hope in his face, and he asked:

'Do you know... how long do you have to wait before you start getting Clubcard points?'

'Oh, well, immediately I suppose. But it can can be a couple of months before you get the vouchers in the post.'

The check-out operator wasn't fully satisfied. 'Well, 'cos I've been waiting ages.'

'Hmm,' I thought, and offered 'well, you do have to be patient. It took about 5 months before I even got my Clubcard!'

The check-out man shock his head slowly, making a slow whistling sound as though to say 'that sucks, man,' or words to that effect. Then another hopeful expression.

'And if you buy more fruit juice, do you get more Clubcard points?' he suggested.

'Erm, maybe.'

Another thing about Tesco: recently they had a robot doing the public announcements.

But I don't mind.

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