Gardening in Russia’s backyard

It’s an expression that’s popping up all over the British* news media at the moment, and I think the most realistic definition of ‘Russia’s backyard’, if I understand what they’re talking about, is simply this:

Russia’s backyard
1. places within convenient bombing range of Russia

So technically, the entire planet is within Russia’s backyard to some degree. Now, I am aware Russia’s not the only country that does the odd bit of bombing to get what its government wants. But I think some journalists and politicians are starting to talk about Russia like it was just a grumpy landlord with inconsiderate tennants.

Let me tell you, I won’t be responding to any more of Russia's classified ads.

Grumpy old bear (dominant) WLTM submissive lady bear (for serious relationship only).
Willing to relocate (to your place?)
Has own ICBMs.

No, thank-you!

*And the Dutch media, perhaps because of the Netherlands’ horticultural expertise, says ‘Russia’s back garden’ (‘Rusland’s achtertuin’).

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