The Schoolmaster vs. The Boy

“Alright, chaps,
I’ve told all my stories for today,
does anyone else have a tale to tell
in these last minutes before the bell?”

“Yes, Sir, what I’d like to say…
Sir… don’t take this the wrong way,
but your lessons are… hell,
your tedious monologue saps
my will to live and…”


I’ll stop you there, irksome child,
let it be known: I have been riled.
Your comments will go in my journal
and all we’ve said will be filed,
you’ll find it uncanny how I jot all
that makes me wild.

My lessons are the least of your fears,
I suggest you learn about life’s slog,
and then, give it 50 years,
you’ll write your own ‘blog’
and email my grave - ‘Sir, cheers!*’ ”

* ‘… and, Sir, your poems sucked.’

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