Love letter from bicycle to car

Dear white Ford Fiesta (with big exhaust pipe),

Hello, you might not have noticed me but we met briefly this morning and after our encounter I felt I should write to you, even though we are only machines, you and I.

If it helps you remember me, I am a black framed road bike, and I was being pedalled by my owner, a large fellow who was wearing a distinctive luminous yellow jacket and brightly coloured helmet. You were carrying a group of four young men when you passed me as I was pedalled along the cycle path.

I thought you should know that one of your young men upset my owner a bit. It was something that happened when you slowed down as you passed me, and drove alongside me for a few seconds.

We would have no problem with that, my owner and I – in fact I thought you might just be a very friendly car. I thought maybe we were going to be friends. But I could sense through his grip on my handle bars that my owner felt a little tense when your front passenger window wound down.

I have to say I was pretty cheesed off by what the young man sitting in your front passenger seat did next. Did you notice what he did? He leaned his head out of your open window, his face as close to me as it could have been, then he opened his mouth and made a noise. The noise was a scream something like this: ‘Waaaah haaaa ya cunnn-tah! Waha ann kah!’

Then your window wound closed and you sped off, your big exhaust pipe burping louder than ever.

Do you know this chap? He’s about 20, perhaps older, and was wearing a baseball cap and a tracksuit of some kind. That’s all I could see from where I was. Oh, and he had a gold coloured chain around his neck. Did someone let him off his lead? Would you try to avoid carrying him again?

My owner seemed quite fed up at that moment, and I can’t say I understood what the young man was trying to say, either. I thought I would get a chance to find out, about a minute later. This was when I saw you, white Fiesta with big exhaust pipe, were stopped in a line of traffic waiting at a red light.

It’s nothing unusual for my owner to huff and puff a bit when he cycles me, but I felt he could barely contain how much he wanted to huff and puff as we stopped next to you. I wanted him to ask ‘what does this mean, young man, this “Waaaah haaaa ya cunnn-tah! Waha ann kah!” of which you speak?’ And I think he was actually going to ask. But the young man - he who was let off his gold coloured dog lead and allowed to ride in you – he was looking the other way, and would not look at my owner or me.

And I think it’s a shame, what happened that made my owner huff and puff and squeeze my handle bars and wobble a bit in my saddle. Because I think we could be good buddies, you and I. I must say how much I admire your spoiler. Does it make you go much faster? Perhaps I can persuade my owner to fit one on me. And the blue lights in your grill, they look so groovy! Your really thin tyres, your burp-burp exhaust pipe – it sounds a bit naughty but I love it! I know I’m just an old-style push bike, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me fancying cars as well, I’m happy to come out as being a bi-cycle, hee hee.

So I hope you’ll give me a toot the next time we pass and let’s hope you’ll be able to run over that silly young man if you get a chance.

Love from

Cyril Cycle


flightrisk said...

Dear black framed road bike ( with brightly colored motor )

I’m afraid it will never work , you and I . For you see , I must seduce my driver into paying my expensive drinking habit and high maintenance lifestyle . Though it has never been said out loud , I promise an ownership of the road to all who feed my habits . And I’m aware of the low maintenance and free and healthy lifestyle you use to poison my advancements .

The fact that you didn’t understand “Waaaah haaaa ya cunnn-tah! Waha ann kah!” as marking of territory , is further proof your ancient ways are no longer . For the seduction I use against man is one of advancement and power . Your poisons of fit bodies , fit minds , and clear blue skies must be pushed to the curb alongside the trash . You owe my industrial friends and I dept of gratitude . We are the ones who paved the roads your race of bike must use in the first place . Just because your kind was here first does not give you rights to our roads .

The sexy white Ford .

This Brazen Teacher said...

Dear Cyril Cycle,

Where have you been all my life?

I am a royal blue road bike with black detail. My owner thinks your owner is pretty witty- and she is jealous that you two were getting to ride in December. It's a tink chilly here- and while we don't have as many Fiestas- we have a lot of SUV's. Don't even try to have a conversation with an SUV- as it will get you nowhere save a lot of road slushiness in your face.

My owner and I think it would be in your best interest to stick to your own species- although it was kind to consider the Fiesta's feelings and all. You British bikes and your manners!

Please consider an extended tour of United States Road biking to cure you of your habitual courtesy.

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