The Tyranny Of The Because

Why oh why does this appear to exist?

This website is dedicated to my attempts to ‘patch thoughts together’, interpreting and making sense (or making an alternative version of ‘sense’) of my experiences and ideas, and things that other people have told me about, or I saw, or I read, or dreamt (dreamed? Never been sure of the spelling), and things which happened to me that I actually made up a little bit.

It is the bunker where I hide, like a fevered Jack in the Box, waiting for someone to open the lid so I explode into the room like a nuclear mushroom cloud. I will offer to grant wishes like an Arabian genie from the bottle, but then run away like the Gingerbread Man, leaping on my horse and hunting foxes with a pack of Gingerbread Hounds.

Not like that cute little tortured Gingerbread Man from the film ‘Shrek’.

This House of Wholesome Socks is resolutely opposed to ‘Common Sense’.

I believe that what is commonly known as ‘common sense’ is terribly overrated – ‘common sense’ is merely a euphemism for a big list of bad things that I can think of – here are just a few that I can think of at the moment:

‘Common Sense’ =

- Doing as you’re told, regardless of whether it actually serves any purpose.

- Accepting ‘authority’, regardless of the true character of that supposed authority.

- Accepting the 'view of the majority', whether or not they do represent more than 50% of people.

- Doing something ‘the way it’s always been done’, for no real reason.

- Not doing something, just because.

‘Common Sense’ is the manifestation of what I shall call:

‘The Tyranny of the Because’

‘Don’t do this because…’

‘You should always follow this convention… because…’

I’m sick of following this regimented scheme of logic and routine, but now I have to go and have dinner.

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